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Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge

by Bruce Lee

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Being Trustworthy. 
Your personal reputation and professional career is built on it. 

Why Trust Me? provides practical and real-life examples of the power that being trustworthy generates, that advances careers, and that fast-tracks the development of the people you work with, manage or supervise. 

Trust is created by everything you say and do. Trust promotes honesty, transparency, and integrity by consistently doing the right thing every time, with everyone. Trust motivates, inspires, and builds relationships. 

It becomes the key that opens the doors of opportunity for you. 

Why Trust Me? will help you find your competitive edge by showing you how to increase your leadership skills, engage employees at all levels, and improve your reputation – creating the ultimate customer experience. 

Why Trust Me? shows you how to do all this — and so much more!
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Educational Recordings

Over the years I have delivered a number of webinars for three major webinar/education companies and the recordings for them are available for purchase to download, listen to, engage and empower! 

1. Corporate Training Resources:

Why Doesn’t My Boss Trust Me?
The Seven Attributes to Personal Success = OUTCOMES
Get Out of My Face – Winning Over Difficult People
The 2 Tests Guaranteed to Drive Up Loyalty and Retention
How Good Managers and Supervisors Get The Best Out of People
The Power of Trust: Building Workplace Trust In An Untrusting World
The 12 Questions to Ask and Answer to Grow Your People and Your Company
Managing A Chaotic Workplace: The 2 ‘Must-Do’s’ For A More Productive Culture 
Gossip, Gab and Destructive Behavior: How to Neutralize A Negative Workplace Environment
Go to this link, and check out the nine webinars that I have recently delivered for them:
2. Remarkable Learning Teleseminars: KEG

Just click on these links for webinars on time management, conflict and trust.

How to Get Control of Your Day, Life and Career - Time Management
Get Out of My Face – Win – Win Conflict Resolution for the Workplace
The Power of Trust – Building Workplace Trust in an Untrusting World
3. Grandy and Associates

These 35 minute recordings are specific to the trades industry via their Profit University Audio Series: Click on the link to get details of the five sessions I have delivered for them. Each audio sells for $9.95 (for an immediate download of the recording) to $19.95 (for a CD copy of the recording), great prices for great ideas.  

Working With Generation Y
Networking For Fun and Profit
Coaching and Retaining Your Talent
The Value of Trust In The Marketplace
Seven Attributes of a Successful Business

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