Get Out Of My Face - Conflict Resolution
This is ‘Results Management’ - Creating Win - Win solutions with collaborative and highly effective problem solving skills.
Understand why people get difficult, the root cause of the situation, and how to effectively calm them down and solve
the problem. There are only two real causes of conflict and when you understand them, the conflict will be reduced.
Solving The Employee Training, Motivation and Retention Challenge 
This is what it takes to recruit, retain and train new employees so they stay and contribute quicker. This is to ensure 
you have the right people in the right position with the right strengths to be effective. Understand why people
leave organizations and how to overcome it. Learn how to improve productivity by up to 40%!
  "This is a very timely topic for Alberta and your seminar proved to be highly successful, practical, thought provoking and engaging with our members. Attendance at this conference workshop was one of the highest to date."
Brian Kurylo, Manager Of Education Services , Alberta Institute PMAC 
Creating A Winning Client Retention Strategy - Customer Satisfaction and So Much More
This is how to get the customers you need, keep the customers you’ve got and grow them into more business. 
Learn how to outthink and outperform the competition and identify three key ways to grow your business.

Team Building - The Power of Teams
Learn how to create a more effective workplace in terms of quality and results. This is geared to improving working
relationships by hands on activities that will drive up communication, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

How To Grow Your Business and Brand Reputation
Who needs more customers? How successful are you ready to be? This session is a common sense, 
revitalizing approach to marketing, networking and most importantly the power of customer satisfaction 
with you. To improve profitability, sell more via the ‘Journey of 1,000 Calls’.

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