Keynote and Breakout Topics

1. The Seven Attributes of Personal and Professional Success = OUTCOMES
Action, Power, Passion, Results! An inspired look at how to put the power of attitude and excellence to work for you in order to accelerate your company, your professional career and your personal life. It will touch on exactly what it is that separates the average performer from the superstar 

2. The Power of Trust in the Workplace or
    The Power of Trust For The Healthcare Professional (healthcare version)
This keynote addresses how to grow, sustain and maintain trust – an attribute that can make the difference between being successful, or not. Trust in the workplace and with your workforce  is a must for the customer (patient/resident) and prospects as your reputation depends on it. Learn who can be trusted, those who can’t and how to build trust in your employees.   

3. The Magic of Engagement (healthcare keynote)
An engaged workforce is not an option these days. This keynote will show you how to effectively engage and motivate employees that will be measureable by improved survey scores and retention levels by your patient, customer, resident and employees.

4. How To Get Control of Your Day, Life and Career – Time Management
Tackle your #1 problem – lack of enough time! This combines the best of time management with the most critical templates along with the best attributes of leadership that focus on creating results. The bottom line - moving careers ahead by doing the right things at the right time.  

5. Working With The Generation Y Employee  
This session will explain how to get all four generations working together. Understand why Generation Y is called the "Echo Generation" and how to bring out their intense loyalty and enthusiasm. Technology is key!  
6. Coaching and Retaining Your Talent
Most new employees in today’s companies are not job ready, and often times they have yet to develop the  entrepreneurial skills appropriate to the company’s environment. Learn how to identify, develop and grow  employees present and potential strengths. Turn good employees into great employees by high achievement through high expectations, trust and being constantly challenged . 
7. Healthcare

NEW: "Gossip, Gab and Destructive Behavior: How to Neutralize A Negative Workplace"
Bad attitudes and behavior sabotages the performance of those it is directed at, destroys moral, lowers self-esteem and
reduces teamwork and productivity. Learn the surprising causes of this and how to eliminate it. This can be presented as
either a 60 or 75 minute keynote or you can go more in depth to get to solution with a two or three hour workshop.

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