Corporate Webinars

Corporate Webinars

Webinars: 60 minutes of high content ‘what to do’ education:

See the Book Store page for where you can purchase these and other previously delivered topics:
Why Doesn’t My Boss Trust Me?
The 7 Attributes to Personal Success = OUTCOMES
Get Out of My Face – Winning Over Difficult People
The 2 Tests Guaranteed to Drive Up Loyalty and Retention
How Good Managers and Supervisors Get The Best Out of People
The Power of Trust: Building Workplace Trust In An Untrusting World
The 12 Questions to Ask and Answer to Grow Your People and Your Company
Managing A Chaotic Workplace: The 2 ‘Must-Do’s’ For A More Productive Culture 
NEW: "Gossip, Gab and Destructive Behavior: How to Neutralize A Negative Workplace"

Consulting Services

1. STRATEGIC PLANNING: If you need a kick start and new direction to your company growth, Bruce can
assist by hosting your Executive Retreat with an optional strategic planning session and SWOT Analysis.

2. SPECIAL PROJECTS: Bruce can design and implement customer survey forms, organize facility audits, create a series of webinars specific to your education needs, and be the Master of Ceremonies for your special event.

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