Navy Seals

Navy Seals, Generals Colin Powell, 
Schwarzkopf - Grant and....Attila the Hun: 
Business Leadership From the Front Line


Business Leadership Attributes From the Front Lines: Workshop

This highly educational session will introduce you to a number of tactics, strategies and pure leadership ideas that 
each of the featured military leaders passed on down to their troops for maximum effect on and off the battle field.

- Learn the difference between ordinary teamwork & training and Navy SEALS teamwork and training - real Goals.
- Understand what made General Norman Schwarzkopf's strategies so empowering.
- Identify the "all-or-nothing" attitude that helped General Grant win an early decisive battle in Kentucky 
     - and kept the State in the Union, perhaps altering the course of history forever. From a General to a President. 
- Learn what strengths President Lincoln called on that drove his will and directed his strategy to win the Civil War
- Understand why General Colin Powell had a successful military career - by not taking a 'no' for an answer. 
- See why you want to be like Attila the Hun in his unique strategies over the enemy.

- We start with the famous speech by General Melvin Zais, US Army (Retired) that he presented to the Armed Forces
   Staff College: - "You Must Care" - a great jumping off point to any leadership situation. 

Participants in related workshops with this content include:

RCMP Detatchments in: Brooks, Camrose, Calgary, Edmdonton, Coronation, Didsbury, Drumheller,
                                          Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Ponoka, Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, St. Paul, 
                                          St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Slave Lake, Strathmore, Sylvan Lake, Three Hills.

RCMP "K" Division H..Q.: - Criminal Analysis, Commercial Crime, Management Branch, 
                                              Division Information Management

Red Deer RCMP Sub-Division: Identifciation, O.C.C., C.I.S., G.I.S., Drugs, CP/V's
Provincial Police Services: C.N. Police, C.P Police, Lethbridge City Police, 
                                               Wetaskiwin Municipal Police Service

Other Organziations: Bowden Institute (Penetentiary), YoHo National Parks Service

Workshops offered to the RCMP include:
  • the 2 day 'Risk Management Leadership' course
  • 'Winning With Difficult People'
  • 'Leadership and Motivation'
  • 'Community Relations Satisfaction & Negotiating Skills'
  • 'Leadership and Managing Change'

Additonal Workshops offered to RCMP Public Service Supervisors included:
  • 'Winning With Difficult People'
  • 'Leadership and Motivation'


Risk Management Leadership workshop (2 days)
  "Creativity and innovation to improve productivity and better involve staff in day to day 
   operations and decision making. Excllent delivery, good pace. Workbook concept is 
   excellent, making it easy to review the material." Shift Supervisor, Reg Judson

Risk Management (Total Quality) Leadership workshop (3 days)
   "Some years ago Bruce provided some sessions on “ Total Quality Leadership” for the RCMP  
    in Southern Alberta. All of the attendees felt that this was one of the best sessions that they had 
    ever attended and recommended that it should be provided to all levels of management within
    the RCMP as well as front line personnel. Bruce is dynamic and designs his sessions to meet the 
    needs of his audience. Based on our experience I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce Lee.
                                                               L.T. Hickman, Chief Superintendent RCMP (retired)

Winning With Difficult People
   "Course should be mandatory for all levels of RCMP and given once every three eyars. 
    Very well presented. Flowed from beginning to end without becoming boring. If we all 
    can see we are part of the problem, things can only change for the better."    
                                                                                              Constable Daniel Robinson

Change Leadership and Motivation
  "Excellent, very appropriate. The best speaker we've ever had on any leadership course. 
   The best idea is it's all about my attitude and that I can make a difference."
                                                                                               Constable Carol Kautz

Community Relations Satisfaction and Negotiating Skills
  "To be the best to myself and others I deal with. Better perception of others. Excellent speaker, 
    very knowledgeable and confident, energy packed. Made me feel good about being here."      
                                                                                                  Constable Paul White

Leadership and Managing Change
   "This information has the potential to not just make you a better supervisor or worker, 
     it has the potential to make you a better person." Allen Williamson, C & E
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