The Totally Organized Professional is All About OUTCOMES

The Totally Organized Professional is All About OUTCOMES:

October 10th, 2017  |  11:00am - 12:00pm MST  |  $49
How to fast track careers by a focus on results with and through people
What does it take to stay on track, be fully engaged, motivated and inspired to continue to be the best you can be? What are the best kept secrets that will fast track your career? How can you make that  noticeable difference to stand out and be seen in order to accelerate your success at your office?

What matters most to a rewarding career is a great end result to your actions, called Outcomes.  The key to success for anyone is to actually implement the proven action steps that generate the results you need along with a system for keeping on top of it – measuring your momentum. The second important step to success is that you must feel good about what you do and who you are doing it for. In other words,  it is engagement with the company, your product and people.

A key driver to achieve these extraordinary results is based on an attribute called trust which becomes your  behavior and your reputation. Here is how to achieve that with confidence, initiative and commitment.  This presentation outlines the eight key areas of focus and provide a link to the self-test tools and e-books  to keep the momentum going. To be more successful, enjoy work and life more, get to your goals faster  and with less stress, and help others to get there with you, then this session can be your tipping point.

The strategies are:
  • O Optimistic: The power of attitude with effective communication 
  • U Urgency: Passion + Enthusiasm + Action = Results – how to act with urgency
  • T Trust: What it takes to build and sustain your reputation and your competitive advantage
  • C Conflict Resolution: Winning over difficult people, eliminate gossip, harassment and stress
  • O Organized Goals & Coaching: Creating the road map of the next five or more years of your career
  • M Memory: Steps to the actual implementation of the core training ideas 
  • E Excellence: Traits and self-tests to measure your personality, reputation and performance
  • S Success by ‘S.A.M.’ and Select Supervision Skills: How to inspire, engage, support and motivate!

This is how to lead by example and grow your vision that will improve the interpersonal skills that lead to operational skills and successfully building long term, meaningful relationships. The big picture, strategic thinking you will learn here will:
  • help you master the solutions needed in order to exceed expectations
  • assist you to develop a growth strategy that will leave you better equipped to succeed
  • get a clear perspective of how to make the right decisions and lead your organization to the next level
  • understand

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